In A Family Way (queer as in fuck you)

from by So Long Naota

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thanks to fred thomas for writing the song that this one completely ripped off


hold on to your heavy heart
this time i think we'll make it through
one word before we start
lets try our best to make it new

go forth and gather youself up
take your love and give it all away
with any luck it will find its way to you again
on a some dark and cold and lonely and fateful day

unsaid as the thought thats
you kept to your self
unread like the books
left gathering dust up on your shelf

tell yourself it will be ok
fragile as a fabrige
bluer than the epponymous jay
while clouds above such an ominous gray
as elegant as a tv tray
or a thesis to a punk rock essay
a pigeon to their bird of prey
the sea gulls screaming at the bay
all the prophets whove been lead astray
or pauses left in a family way
the message of hope we could not convey
just dissapointment without delay
all the fears you could not allay
all the tears you would wipe away
so save em up for a rainy day
like those three little words that you'd never say
your better angels were on display
replete with childish naivete
you were the costs i could not defray
or the hell that we would one day pay
your best attempts not to betray
those secrets held in dossiers
you were the loner to my jfk
now someone call the cia
the lizard people to my greys
mysterious and vast as the milky way
or the consequences we never weigh
those games we tried hard not to play
all the rules that we would disobey
much to our mothers dismay
oblivious as your fathers toupee
and the welcomes that we'd overstay
take me to the sweet soiree
let your love be my attache
we can talk it out or just hit the hay
pray for a tomorrow better than today
as miserable as the 17th of may
or the leftovers we set out for the stray
so send out a communique
queer as in fuck you, im them and they
anachronistic as bombay
corpses cought in eternal ballet
while the ladders of our DNA
lie twisted up in acidic array
our passions we found oh so passe
slaves to all our social mores
the day we die and turn back to clay
left eponential in our decay
all the gods to whom we'd never pray
or the dragons that we'd never slay

will one day come and make everything alright


from queer as in fuck you, released September 14, 2014



all rights reserved


So Long Naota Lansing, Michigan

Started with an idea that there is a revolting absence of women, queer folx and people of color making music in the punk scene. So long Naota is a collective project based out of Lansing, Michigan.

Current contributors:
Mariette- vocals/guitar
Drb- guitar/vocals/songs
Damon- drums
Ashley- vocals
Isaac- guitar / bass
KC- bass/ghost

We are currently looking for like minded friends to join
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